Welcoming Changes (2011-12-30)

One year ago today, Michael and I woke up on the living room floor of our spacious but barren, circa 1890 Victorian house in suburban Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  We dragged our mattress and pillows down the snow-drifted walkway and driveway, loaded them into the trailer with some straggling last minute things, and said our final farewell to our home of eleven years.  The weight of the emptiness in the house was a strong counterbalance to the anticipation that lay ahead.


By 11am, we were in the kitchen of Golden Stage Inn, meeting with the health inspector, getting our final Board of Health approvals.


By 3pm, we were signing documents at the bank.


By 5pm, we were innkeepers.  And we had a rather full house of guests awaiting cookies and coffee, dinner suggestions and wine glasses …and a full breakfast the next morning!!


Has it been a year already?  Has it been only a year?!  Time does funny things.  Regardless, it has been an incredible 365-day journey
for our family. The schools and the community are great. And we have hosted some of the most wonderful people at the inn.  It’s funny, really — we are supposed to be offering hospitality and kindness to our guests, but we find we are receiving such gifts just as often. We feel indebted to so many people for such a wonderful year.  To our community, to our guests, and to our employees, we send a giant THANK YOU.  One year ago, we bought a big, beautiful house.  But it is all of you who have filled this building with energy and warmth, turning this house into the inn of our dreams.


We’re fully booked tonight, on our one-year anniversary, but we hope to welcome you at our inn soon.