Why Choose a Vermont Bed and Breakfast?

One of our favorite types of guests is the one who has never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before. These guests usually enter wary but leave thrilled to have found a new way to travel. But maybe you’re not ready yet to be one of those guests walking in our front door. Maybe you need a little more understanding of what might be on the other side of that door before you book.

So, what is a B&B, you ask? Typically, a Bed and Breakfast is not just a place for overnight lodging but also a place to unwind, often with homemade goodies in the afternoon and a hearty breakfast in the morning. At a B&B, you will likely be welcomed by the owners who live on the property or very nearby, and you’ll have the opportunity to tap into their local knowledge for events and things to do in the area. There are common spaces in which you can relax and enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi, maybe on a comfy couch by a fireplace, or you can retreat to the quiet privacy of your own room. For a more thorough definition of a B&B, let’s talk about what a B&B isn’t, possibly debunking a few B&B myths along the way.

A Bed and Breakfast is not staying in someone’s private home. Although a B&B is typically cozy and homey, most innkeepers have separate living quarters, leaving the Inn spaces solely for guest enjoyment. It’s sort of the best of both worlds: the comforts of a home without being in someone’s home.

A Bed and Breakfast does not have shared baths. The shared bath B&B is actually kind of hard to find these days because, well, some things are just better not shared.

A Bed and Breakfast is not (necessarily) over-decorated and outdated. Most B&Bs that are operating today understand and accommodate the traveler’s needs. At Golden Stage Inn, we make great efforts to balance the historic character of our country inn while decorating the rooms in a fresh, updated and uncluttered way. We focus on accommodating the needs of today’s travelers with complimentary Wi-Fi, ample privacy, quality bedding, updated bathrooms, and more.

A Bed and Breakfast does not require you to visit with the Innkeepers or let them know where you’re going or when you return. If privacy is what you’re looking for, a good B&B offers that. At Golden Stage Inn, we try to be available when you need us and invisible when you don’t. After all, you are not staying with your mother-in-law!

A Bed and Breakfast is not more expensive than a hotel. You can find a B&B to fit nearly any budget. When you’re comparing rates, be sure to consider what extra charges may already be included or will be added on. Hotels are sometimes comparably priced, but not comparably valued, as this video playfully demonstrates…

To explain what a B&B is (or isn’t) is a little bit like explaining what a restaurant is. Sure, all restaurants serve food, but some have a buffet while others serve elegantly plated meals. And of course, some are fantastic while others, not so much. No two Bed and Breakfasts are alike. Often, the boring part about staying at a hotel is that they all offer the same non-descript experience. This is not the case with B&Bs

So, be sure to do your homework. Look at a B&B’s website and read about what they offer. Do they have packages or showcase events that reflect your interests? If their site is very outdated, maybe the B&B is too. If it’s modern chic, probably the B&B is too. Check out their online reviews. You can mine these gems not just for an overall rating, but for specific praises or complaints that may unveil something important to you. Most B&Bs are independently owned and operated and this means they’re not adhering to standardized guidelines. This becomes part of the magic of staying at a B&B: each one is part of the fiber of your destination, bringing the local color experience into every aspect of your stay.

In summary, here’s a list of reasons why you should stay at a B&B (loosely interpreted to read: “Here is a list of reasons why you should stay at our B&B!”) —

  • The food is fantastic. Most B&Bs take their food very seriously. At Golden Stage Inn, we seek locally sourced ingredients and only serve food that was made from scratch here in our kitchen. We strive for quality without being too fancy and aim for “familiar but delicious” with our two-course breakfasts each morning, afternoon soups in the winter, the bottomless cookie jar and Michael’s Saturday Night Chocolate Cake.
  • The beds are fantastic too! Most B&Bs take their bedding very seriously as well. From the mattress to the sheets to the uniquely decorated toppers, you won’t find any standard hotel polyester comforters around!
  • Most innkeepers are fantastic! You’ll have the ability to tap into the Innkeeper’s local knowledge of attractions and activities in the local area. By talking with the Innkeepers, you can learn what local life is like.
  • The properties are fantastic! Often, you’ll enjoy a unique building with its own character and charm. At Golden Stage Inn, we’re in a historic 1788 stage coach stop on several acres of naturally maintained lawns and gardens, all just a few miles from a major ski resort.
  • The attention to detail is fantastic! Like most B&B’s, we learn from every guest what the next guest may need, and we try to have that available before you ask. From the in-room amenities to the “oops I forgot something!” back-up supplies, we try to leave you wanting for nothing.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (802) 226-7744 or book online. We’d love to welcome you to the world of B&B travel!