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If you are ever in Chester, VT you have to visit DaVallia. Owners Jessie and Michael Alon have been in Vermont since 2002 and in that time they have opened the DaVallia Art Boutique and the DaVallia 39 North Gallery.

Photo from DaVallia’s Facebook page

The DaVallia Art Boutique is affixed to the Chester Green and has been open since 2009. The store is marked as focusing on “art for the body and home” and it is all American made, some of it even made as locally as Chester. On any given day either Jessie or another maker will be behind the counter and happy to offer great advice on the perfect gift or their favorite products. If you stop by DaVallia Art Boutique either ask to see or look for the work of Parker Posie Design.

(photo of some of her work from DaVallia’s Facebook page)

The artist makes unique and beautiful jewelry with breathtaking gemstones and metalsmithing. Her pieces span from statement pieces to more simplistic and for every day wear. In addition to hand crafted jewelry, the store is stocked with bags, soaps, candles, seasonal décor, scarves, and quirky greeting cards. It is my one stop shop for birthdays and holidays. Items are reasonably priced, too. When I hear “art boutique” and “locally made” I always expect prices to be astronomical but DaVallia has a wide range of items for variety of prices. One of my favorite things about going to the store is that the products are ever changing. On one visit you might find purses upcycled from old tires that look like leather you would pay a pretty penny for. Another day, a collection of jeweled soaps all differing from one another. You never know what you are going to find at the DaVallia Art Boutique.
The DaVallia 39 North Gallery is located in Chester’s historic stone village. The exterior is a work of art, itself. The gallery is stocked with bigger pieces and even from the pictures online, you can tell that the gallery is almost interactive. Featuring sculptures along winding garden paths, decorative filigree gates, tremendous ceramic vases upon the lawn, there are pieces artfully placed everywhere you look. The inside is just as exciting. The DaVallia team are not only experts at fine art but interior design too and their expertise is well reflected in all of their spaces. The inside of the 39 North Gallery offers to opportunity to daydream up a new space for yourself in every corner. There are areas staged for dining, corners for coffee and conversation. All set with coordinating designs and accents and all handmade. It is truly “artful living.”

(photos from DaVallia’s Facebook page)

And if you happen to be visiting Golden Stage Inn, you are in luck. Chester is just fifteen minutes and under ten miles from Golden Stage. Golden Stage Inn is an eight-room bed and breakfast, serving up delicious breakfasts of French toast drizzled with caramelized apples, buttermilk pancakes, and hazelnut filled sugar muffins. Visit Golden Stage Inn and see what you’ll be lucky enough to eat for breakfast! Golden Stage Inn is located in the heart of Proctorsville, Vermont. Serving as a convenient location for skiing in the winter, just ten minutes from Okemo Mountain, or for Summer fun on some of Vermont’s great hiking trails and lakes.

dinner plate with three blueberry pancakes with a pat of butter on top and syrup being poured onto the stack

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