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When it’s time to book your Vermont ski trip at Okemo Mountain and you begin looking for the best place to stay near Ludlow, Vermont, of course you should use whatever resources the internet has to offer. Usually this will include Expedia and, AirBnB, or any of the other online travel sites. But you will be doing smaller properties a great service if, once you’ve found the perfect spot, you go directly to the Vermont lodging property’s website and book directly through them. At most hotels, inns, and B&Bs, you’ll get the best rate on the property’s website anyhow. While this is already true at Golden Stage Inn, now you can enjoy an added discount when you book directly with us. Use Promotional Code “bookdirect” and receive $5 off every night you book.

These ‘online travel agencies’ are a great resource for smaller lodging properties as they offer us a greater exposure to a broader market than our little marketing budgets could achieve on their own. However, many guests don’t even realize they are on these separate sites. When you go to a search bar and type in “Vermont inn near Ludlow Vermont” or maybe even our specific business name “Golden Stage Inn” – the travel site comes up first and somewhat deceptively looks like a Vermont lodging property’s website. Every reservation that comes through these sites is appreciated – but expensive. So when you are planning your visit to our Vermont bed and breakfast, be sure the web address in your browser says (or if you’ve already clicked through to our reservations page).

When you are ready to book and you’ve clicked through to the Check Availability page, use the Special Rates section to enter the promotional code “bookdirect”.  Our software will list the available rooms and will present you with a $5 savings for every night that you book. This is our way of sharing the savings we experience when you book directly with us.

For those of you reading this who have not stayed with us before at our bed and breakfast near Okemo Mountain, maybe you’re wondering what it’s like to stay at a Vermont inn. Well, we can’t speak for all Vermont lodging properties, but at ours we promise you a clean, comfortable, casual setting, each room with a private bathroom, and always with absolutely fantastic breakfasts. We take great pride in serving meals made from scratch from locally sourced foods. We can’t possibly list every item we purchase locally, but here’s a quick list of examples. Our coffee is fair trade and locally roasted. Our French Toast is made from our homemade Challah bread – which in turn is made with Vermont sourced flour and our own backyard eggs. Our bacon is smoked locally (from Singleton’s General Store) and our sausage is sourced from New Hampshire. Our honey is from our own beehives. And our yogurt, cheeses and other dairy products are Vermont sourced too. We make this commitment to local foods because it’s better for our community, for the environment, and certainly for the quality and taste of our guests’ breakfasts.

Whether you’re a frequently returning guest or a B&B newbie, we’d love for you to give us a try. Be sure to “bookdirect” and receive the best rate available on the internet.

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